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T-M Firearms Training offers classes for the beginner and the most experienced shooter. At T-M Firearms Training we teach defensive shooting and the skills one will need to defend themselves or others in a critical life threatening situation. Starting with the basic fundamentals up to and including some very advanced and dynamic skills. Offering training in Iowa Permit to Carry (CCW), Defensive shooting, Personal safety, Defensive and preparedness tactics, Home Defense, Use of Force, and customized classes to fit your needs. Beginner Marksmanship classes, Introductory defensive classes, and Advanced Defensive Shooting Skills development classes. One on one or a group. Student to instructor ratio is kept low to give more personalized training. Develop defensive shooting skills, improved marksmanship, improved gun handling skills and tactics and build confidence with your new found abilities. The Advanced Defensive Shooting Skills courses 1,2,&3 are the cutting edge in modern defensive firearms training. We teach in context and the training we offer is real world based training. Training in phases to build skills and a defensive mindset from the ground up. Our targets include paper, steel, and 3D human figures. Live fire simulation is in context and utilize reactionary and moving 3D targets for realism in training and allows the student to apply learned skills. This is training for the Street and Home. Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced shooter we have a class that you will benefit from regardless of your current skill level and will guide you to expand your skills for defense. Guaranteed improved marksmanship in defensively effective accuracy and precision shooting and greatly extending your affective range. Let us help you learn the things you don’t know about defensive shooting and self defense. Learn from someone who is experienced in the Use of Force, has tactical experience and training, is a NRA Certified Instructor, a member of the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors, and a Certified Instructor and Training Counselor with the US Concealed Carry Association. Our training classes aren’t the only training you will ever need but they are some of the best you will ever get anywhere!


At T-M Firearms Training we specialize in teaching you how to shoot better and build your defensive skills for the time and situation that you find the need to fight back against attack. We teach defensive shooting, defensive tactics and will help you develop a defensive mindset. One of our priorities is to make you a better shot at the end of the class than you were when you arrived. Your ability to defend yourself, your loved ones, and the innocent will depend on your personal experience. When there is no personal experience we look to training to build our base of responses to threats and the skills that may be required of you in a critical life threatening moment. You may well find yourself being your own first responder and we are here to prepare you for that time of your response. Here we teach you more than just shooting. We teach you that you must think as well. It is about more than just the shooting. T-M Firearms Training provides essential defensive training for beginners, intermediate, and experienced persons. Regardless of your level of training and experience we have a class to help you learn and advance your skill and ability to defend against attacks. This is training for the streets and home or wherever you find yourself or others under imminent threat of receiving serious bodily harm. You will learn safe gun handling, develop skills, practice the skills developed and in most of our classes apply what you learn in live fire simulations.



Full day class scheduled on Sunday and Monday (4 hour also available) 4 hour classes scheduled Tuesday thru Saturday in mornings only from 8:00am-noon. Get in a real handgun training class! Improve marksmanship skills, improve gun handling skills, learn defensive shooting, get better prepared and increase your survival rate and chances of survival through skill and not luck. Come see what you don’’t know about defensive shooting and self defense. I guarantee you will leave class with improved marksmanship skills, defensive skills and a new outlook on self defense. A whole new mindset to go with the lifestyle you are choosing.

Classes held in Montrose, Iowa unless other arrangements are made.

T-M Firearms Training

2340 Peach Orchard Rd.

Montrose, Iowa 52639

Contact us to sign up for classes.

e-mail; tmfirearmstraining@yahoo.com

phone; 319-371-6698

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Open Scheduling- Contact us to schedule a one on one or a group class. Available Sunday and Monday for 8hr classes and Tuesday-Saturday for 4hr classes.

Payment; Cash, Check. Payment is due at the beginning of class. No refunds. If you can not attend due to emergency you will be credited to another date or class of equal value.                                                                                                                                     NRA Training Logo Suite-INST-3CSPOT                                       USCCA-LOGO-Affili-Istr-4C_rev_001

*All of our courses meet and exceed the requirements for to acquire a Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons (CCW).    375945_504791766198076_546591627_n