From Tim:

Because of a new policy at Tri-State Gun Club and the changes in the rules prior to it I made the decision a few weeks ago to build a range on my property to teach defensive shooting classes. Tri-State’s new policy and some of the restrictions; Shooting ranges will be available to organized shooting groups or instructors by appointment only. Dates and times must be approved by the board. New Range fees, restrictions on reserving the range to one eight hour per month, 30 day application before board approval (board meets once a month), reservation must 30 days in advance, the board to determine range fees on approved reservations, $40.00 minimum fee on reserved range, Reservation policy applies to law enforcement as well but the fee will be waived. This is the short side of the policy. The policy takes effect October 07, 2013. It was not delivered to me but placed in my mailbox. Because of the policy I would not be able to teach one on one classes or multiple classes in a month. So I have built the place and it is a private range not open to public. I believe in what I teach and I am completely for promoting firearms safety and safe gun handling skills and responsible gun owners and Carry Permit Holders. With the building of this private range the price listings for classes will remain where it is. If I should teach at Tri-State I will have to increase the cost of classes which would make it unaffordable for many who want defensive firearms training. So here it is! The T-M Firearms Training Range is ready for students! This could be the step to bigger things down the road!newrange