This is why T-M Firearms Training exists. At almost seven years since T-M Firearms Training was established and I took on becoming a professional defensive shooting instructor it has happened. Thousands of students and hundreds of classes. A former student came to me and thanked me for the training I provided on the highest level. The training had saved his loved one’s life. Here is the incident as he told me;

The house was closed up and secure when he stepped into the shower. All doors were closed and locked. When he came out of his shower and exited the bathroom he noticed one of the doors to his home was now hanging open. Open into the garage. Someone had entered his garage and then had entered his home. Whoever it was had made no announcement to their presence. Our homeowner slipped into the room where he kept his home defense handgun. Acquired his handgun. He listened for the sound of movement in the house but heard nothing. Now, questioning as to whether he had closed the door and second guessing the securing of the house before he entered the shower he made the decision to search the home for an intruder. He weighed it out. He knew that noone was supposed to be in his house aside from himself. He heard nothing to confirm anyone was even there. He knew that a search of the house was not necessarily the best action to take. He had trained for this and even ran practice drills in his home. With all of this weighed out he decided. He decided to search the house and see. After all, he was unlikely to come across anyone as he could have forgotten to close the door. So he began clearing room after room as he had been taught and trained and practiced. Then he was left with the last part of the house. The basement. The trickiest part of the house to clear because of the setup. So he approached gun at the compressed ready finger somewhere other than the trigger. Coming back to the training he had received at T-M Firearms Training. As he began clearing the first corner into the basement it happened. Suddenly standing directly in front of him, close, A man! His gun was at the ready. At first he was shocked and a split second later the decision process began. Shoot don’t shoot? Then he suddenly realized the man in front of him was his beloved nephew. The kid he loved dearly. He did not shoot. The life of his nephew had been saved.

Now after he told me about this incident he thank me. He again thanked me for the training that had saved his nephew’s life. The student told me that before training with T-M Firearms Training had he encountered this incident he most likely would have shot his nephew. Before training with us he would have positioned his finger on or very near the trigger. We taught him to keep his finger somewhere other than the trigger. He felt that without the training that under the stress of the situation he would have pressed the trigger instantly upon seeing a body in front of him. Our training taught him to process information and to identify before shooting. As we teach and he stated it took a millisecond to identify the person standing in front of him as his nephew and not a threat. Our student was able to see the big picture, maintain cognitive thinking skills and acted responsibly. Thank God he did not shoot and was able to use the training. I know had he shot it would have destroyed him.

There was another time. This student, through our training, avoided a critical incident all together and avoided what he believed would have been a Deadly Force incident. He utilized the situational response and awareness concepts we teach to avoid a critical situation all together. He didn’t give a lot of detail on the incident but did confirm that without training with us he would have walked right into a incident.


It has always been our hope at T-M Firearms Training that none of our students would ever be forced to utilize the training and experiences we provide them in a deadly force incident. We pray that noone is ever put in that position to test the training. These incidents however are a testament to the effectiveness of training we offer. These are cases that gives us some confirmation that the concepts and skills we teach are life saving. And, They have come to pass in less than seven years of providing training to the public. We provide teachings of concepts and skills that will have positive change for your mindset. The concepts and skills will become part of your daily interactions with the rest of the world. It will save lives! The teachings of T-M Firearms Training are worth the time, effort, energy and finances for everyone out there and they pay off with dividends of lives saved.181