With all of today’s technology there is a lot of training available. Training that wasn’t available not that long ago and certainly not this accessible. It wasn’t that long ago if you wanted to train you had to go get into a class. Just look at the Defensive and Firearms Training Industry. Tons of books out there to read. Video upon video each packed full of training information. Books and videos produced by some of the best in the industry and some of the most knowledgeable teachers in history in the firearms training industry. Beware, not all are created equally! The things we have learned and the advances we have made are amazing. But, Is technology getting in the way? I believe it is. At least for the average person training. More so with the number of people looking for the shortcut to training and the ease of getting a certificate with no time spent doing. Today in many states you can get qualified to acquire a permit to carry online. You can view instructional videos and take online courses. Credentials of training are not that difficult to get. E-Learning became a boom.

I don’t so much have problem with online training and training videos. They are a good thing within their limitations. Technology can supplement our training. The technology can give us a direction to move forward. It should not be our only form of training. Watching videos and online training does not give us a complete training regiment. Video and online training can train the mind with knowledge and provide needed information.

There is another piece that is far too often overlooked. I have heard it several times in classes. “I watch lots of videos, have read lots of books and taken the online course. I even have certificates that say I am trained and know how to handle myself and a gun.” I hear this and some are very knowledgeable. What are they missing? They are missing the physical ability to handle a gun in the defensive context and are still practicing target shooting skill set rather than defensive shooting skill set. Physical skills are developed in muscle memory through actual physical training and repetition of the techniques and proper motion. If you are not getting up and teaching the body the techniques and practicing them over and over to form the muscle memories your training is failed. When we rely only on or to highly on the technology the physical skills can be slow and cumbersome. Each step must be thought through and a signal sent to the body to move and do what should be by now natural and flowing. For Example; You should not have to think about each step of the draw and presentation to the threat. No amount of video or online training can take the place of getting out and physically doing it. I have had students come to me to learn gun handling and hands on training after taking the online course. Some have realized through a personal experience that the online training did not prepare them and they needed more.

Put some stock in some formal hands on training and training under the watchful eye of an instructor. Attend classes and advance your training. Take what you learn and practice it. Establish good technique and form the muscle memories. After attending a class take what you have been taught and practice it routinely. Push and train to the point that the movements and techniques flow more naturally. Movement and skills become efficient and effective and will be performed even under stress. Shooting and fighting physical skills are perishable. They will fade in time if not practiced. Muscle memories must be maintained through routine practice and drilling.

It takes 250 repetitions to form a muscle memory. It requires a 1000 repetitions to bring those muscle memories to a point of response. Meaning the response is automatic and you are not thinking about the steps required. Response is always faster than reaction.