Unorthodox Shooting Positions

Do we need to train and then practice routinely shooting from positions other than the standing position? YES!

If you spend any time watching gun fight videos you will encounter large number of videos that show the defender in an odd position while shooting at the bad guy. Why is that? Some of these folks have been injured in the gun fight. Limiting or taking away the ability to stand and fight. In other cases the defender is behind cover/concealment and fighting back. Yet very often the defenders find themselves shooting from the ground. There is a good chance you will be knocked to the ground by the bad guy. Forcing a person to shoot from their belly, back, or seated in some fashion. They can also be seen shooting while in transition from one position to another. Likely while getting back to and fighting to their feet. Also look for the defender to be in a extended lean often off balance while attempting to shoot from behind cover. Unorthodox positional shooting is very plausible when it comes to defensive shooting. Yes, unorthodox shooting positions are a big part of defensive shooting and you need to be training in them.

If you spend all of your time on the range standing (often stationary) you are not training for a real defensive shooting event. Almost all of the students I have pass through classes at T-M Firearms Training have not trained in unorthodox shooting positions nor even attempted them until they are covered in class. With all of the imperial evidence that unorthodox shooting position are common in a defensive shooting event it is clear you and I should be training in these positions. The unorthodox shooting positions should be trained and practice routinely in order to be prepared and have the ability to get accurate shots on the threat. Not an easy task in training and even harder under stress. Since it is so hard to find a place to shoot that will allow you to train and practice you will have to search for one. In the initial phases of learning unorthodox shooting positions one should seek out a training school or group that teaches such positions. A warning here; Do Not attempt to learn unorthodox shooting positions on your own with live fire. Get with an instructor who can teach it and make sure you are safe when starting to learn. Muzzle awareness and other safety concerns are of high priority when learning these positions and an instructor will be able to oversee your training for safety. After learning the skills find a place you can practice them. If you can’t find that place you can practice with training devices that do not require live ammunition. Use snap caps, laser indicating training devices. One that stands out here is the SIRT Pistol and ARBolt.

Want another reason for training in unorthodox shooting position? Close Quarters Contact. There is great probability that if you and your attacker are in contact you will end up on the ground and grappling. Even if you are not training in Force on Force CQC learning to present and shoot your gun from odd positions gives you some skill sets to use in that instance.

If you are defending you are going to be fighting. The best way to increase the chances that you are going to WIN is by training and learning to be better than that evil screw ball who is trying his or her best to do you or another harm.