AR-15 / Carbine Course

AR-15 Carbine Course $175.00

This is an eight-hour course oriented around the AR-15/carbine weapons platform. Skill development for the purposes of defense/combat. Instruction will include firearms safety, operation of the AR-15, weapons handling, malfunctions and stoppages, shooting on the move, concealment/cover, short- and long-range shooting, unorthodox shooting positions, and much more for the rifle. This class will also incorporate the handgun. We will work on handgun transitions when our long gun goes down and defensive handgun skills. This is going to be a fast-paced course covering both rifle and handgun with emphasis on the rifle.

Student provides rifle with sling, three rifle magazines, magazine carrier, 300 rounds of rifle ammunition.
Safe handgun, ammunition, eye and ear protection.
Must have a holster with retention and proper ammunition for the firearm to be used.
Two magazines and two magazine pouches, two speed loaders for revolvers.
8hr Course, one on one, live fire on the range.
Protective Gear (vest, elbow & knee pads)
150rds of pistol ammunition (defensive ammo not required) minimum. Calibers allowed; .380cal and up.
Prior handgun requested, but not required.



Payment; Cash, Check. Payment is due at the beginning of class. No refunds. If you cannot attend due to emergency, you will be credited to another date or class of equal value.