Intro to Defensive Shooting / Home Defense

Introduction to Defensive Shooting/Home Defense $125.00

This class is for anyone who has a firearm in the home. Single parent, hunter, recreational or competitive shooter, or anyone interested in defending their family from a violent attack.1231701_661872210490030_58776152_n Have you ever considered how you would handle a home invasion? We will be looking at a multitude of gun types and models of handguns. this class is primarily for handguns but we will also take a look at long guns, and shotguns. You will get some of the pros and cons of each type of gun for the purpose of home defense. topics covered will be; safety, storage, firearm types, ammunition, preparations in the home, shooting fundamentals, and skill development drills. Live fire simulations will be part of the class to add realism and allow the student to apply the skills they have learned. We will discuss Home Invasion Incidents. You get to look at the dynamic critical incident called Home Invasion, a crime that is on the rise. if you have a gun in your home you owe it to yourself and your family to get in this class.

Student provides safe firearm, ammunition, eye and ear protection..
Two magazines required.
6-8hr Course live fire on the range.
200rds of ammunition minimum.
This course can also be setup for small groups.

Note: When discussing Live Fire Simulation we are referring to the use of live ammunition on targets and simulating events that are most probable and call for the use of a defensive firearm. These simulations are controlled and conducted on the range. Safety is priority.

Payment; Cash, Check. Payment is due at the beginning of class. No refunds. If you can not attend due to emergency you will be credited to another date or class of equal value.