Iowa Permit to Carry (CCW)

Iowa Permit to Carry (CCW) $50.00

21611_515152925161960_436036465_n                                                               Looking for a low cost short class for Iowa Concealed Carry? Keep your eyes open to our posts and web site for scheduled CCW classes.

This class will be four hours in length and very basic covering safety, gear, ammunition, presentation, Use of Force, shooting fundamentals, reloading, etc. Requirements for the class; handgun (pistol or revolver), holster, magazines or speed loaders, belt, eye and ear protection, 50 rounds of ammunition (no minimum caliber). This class will be minimal training with very limited range time (1hr or less) and will exceed the requirements for Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons. No written test or range quilification required for passing. Only requirement to pass is the students ability to demonstrate safe gun handling and general ability to hit a target. Cost; $50.00 Certificate issued upon completion. This class will fit the needs of anyone preparing to acquire a permit to carry and going armed. Class conducted at 2340 Peach Orchard Rd. Montrose, Iowa.
Tim Milligan
T-M Firearms Training
ph. 319-371-6698
Personal message at T-M Firearms Training Facebook page.
Note: This class is not structured for the new shooter looking to learn gun handling or shooting skills. We recommend the shooters with no experience look into attending the more detailed “Pistol Marksmanship Course” or the “Introduction to Defensive Firearms/Home Defense” class as these classes are structured for new shooters. All of the classes offered at T-M Firearms Training will meet or exceed the requirements to get a Carry Permit in the State of Iowa.

Payment; Cash, Check. Payment is due at the beginning of class. No refunds. If you can not attend due to emergency you will be credited to another date or class of equal value.


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