Pistol Marksmanship Course

Pistol Marksmanship Course $125.00

The Pistol Marksmanship class is a great for beginners and as an introductory class to defensive shooting. The PMC is also for those shooters looking to improve in handgun marksmanship and to take their shooting to the next level. You will get a better understanding of shooting and the techniques that make you more accurate and safer. You will be provided the skills to self-diagnose and fix the things that are cause inaccuracy. Subjects covered; firearms safety, trigger control, precision and defensive accuracy, multiple targets, shooting fundamentals; grip, stance, sighting, etc. Conducted in the context of defensive shooting this class is a great introduction to the principles of defensive shooting. This course also works well for anyone looking to acquire a Permit to Carry Weapons in the State of Iowa. The course will identify problem areas and provide the student solutions making him/her more accurate and fundamentally sound. The emphasis of this course is safety and accuracy. This course provides 4-6 hours of personalized training. Pistol Marksmanship Course is conducted as one on one or for small groups of five or less like minded people. This course is also on an open schedule. Contact us to schedule and to set up your class. Class can be scheduled for any open day and available times.

Handguns available for loan with the purchase of ammunition.

Eye and ear protection

Student provides safe firearm and ammunition.

Two magazines, two speed loaders for revolvers preferred.

4hr Course.
One on One, live fire on range, 150 rds of ammunition.
Course completion certificate issued upon completion.


Tim Milligan
e-mail; tmfirearmstraining@yahoo.com
Ph. 319-371-6698
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Payment; Cash, Check. Payment is due at the beginning of class. No refunds. If you cannot attend due to emergency, you will be credited to another date or class of equal value.