Private Defensive Handgun Training Program $400.00, 16 total hours, range fees included

Session 2 Presentation from holster and lateral movement.
Session 4 Advanced figure 8 drill.

Private Defensive Handgun Training Program (PDHTP)
This training program will start at beginner levels and progress into advanced defensive shooting. For those who cannot invest an eight-hour day you can now spread your training overs four 4 hr. sessions on a day the better fits your schedule. Train in the context of Concealed Carry, Home Defense and Close Quarters. Learn Safety, Shooting Fundamentals, Accuracy, Presentation from holster (concealed and open carry), Sighted and unsighted shooting, low light shooting and more. Each session is tailored to the student’s pace and abilities. Live fire situational simulations will be included in the sessions to add some realism and context for defensive shooting. In total a student gets 16 hours of training without spending two full 8hr days in training. We will start with the fundamentals and move from there into more and more advanced skills.
This program will be set up in FOUR 4-hour sessions. Total cost of $400.00 each and require 200 rounds per session. Price includes range fees. At this price you get the fourth session free. Free training materials (Book $27.95 value) included. Students will have six months to complete all four sessions. Sessions will be scheduled on any open day Monday thru Saturday and there will be time slots for morning session 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and afternoon sessions 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. We can adjust the session times for flexibility to your schedule. Session will be conducted at Flint River Indoor Shooting Range in Burlington, Iowa. Or, at our private outdoor range in Montrose, Iowa
One on one sessions or sessions for couples and groups of no more than three.

Cost: $400.00 and requires 200 rounds per session.

Price includes range fees.
Full Payment due at first session. No Refunds

Handgun and ammo
Eye and Ear protection

200 rounds per session

Tim Milligan
Ph. 319-371-6698