T-M Firearms Training; Tactical Firearms Training Methodology
T-M Firearms Training is a defensive firearms training company. Offering professional defensive firearms training for beginner, intermediate, and advanced for over a decade. Instruction in Defensive Shooting, Iowa Permit, Concealed Carry, Home Defense. Handgun, Carbine, and Shotgun. We welcome all students! Anyone interested in learning about guns, shooting and self-defense with a firearm. Training is provided to recreational shooters, private citizens interested in self defense, and the armed professionals. T-M Firearms Training is owned and operated by Tim Milligan a retired Senior Correctional Officer (Sergeant) a Certified and experienced Instructor. Tim has trained with and been trained by some of the most influential instructors in the training and firearms industry. When training with us you will find a lifetime of training, experience, and knowledge that you will benefit from. At T-M Firearms Training we have trained private citizens, Law Enforcement Officers, security professionals, and other instructors.
While we teach in a defensive context at T-M Firearms Training we strive to teach our students how to shoot better with greater precision and increase speed and accuracy for both recreational and defensive shooting. Your marksmanship skills, safe gun handling, and defensive skills are important to keeping you and others safe. Self-diagnosis and good gun handling are key to improvement and getting better during training and practice. We want you to shoot better and be safer at the end of the class than you did when you arrived. The mechanics and techniques we teach will allow you to improve and apply what you learn to all of your shooting and gain greater enjoyment in your recreational shooting as well. Our defensive shooting training is designed to teach you how to be more consistent and more efficient to ensure you maintain a higher degree of effectiveness in gun handling in stressful situation. In the day of technology with E-Learning, You Tube, and distance learning we provide the essential hands on you will need to really get where you want to go with your shooting. Our methodology and approach have been proven over time and through thousands of students to work for almost everyone.

Required Skills for effective defense.

Physical skills, presentation from holster, accurate shooting, situational perception, cognitive thinking skills, and responsible decision making will be improved and retained with regular training. Without the training all of these skills and any situational readiness will deteriorate. Come train with us to improve and remain sharp.

T-M Firearms Training is the right place to be for your personal safety and firearms training.
T-M Firearms Training serves the Tri-State area of Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois. We have access to both outdoor and indoor ranges in southeast Iowa

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