2019 Scheduled Classes

Class schedule may change. Classes may be scheduled on other dates depending on availability for dates not listed. Classes held in Montrose, Iowa unless otherwise posted. Class start time 8:00am or 9:00am depending on day of class. Check course listings for class descriptions and requirements. Contact to us to sign up.

Contact us if you wish to host a class.

All of our classes meet and exceed the requirements to acquire a Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons (CCW).

January 2019

Saturday Jan. 12  Iowa Permit to Carry (CCW)                                           $50.00

Sunday Jan. 13  Advanced defensive Shooting 1                                        $150.00

Sunday Jan. 27  Introduction to Defensive Firearms/Home Defense             $125.00


February 2019

Sunday Feb. 10  Introduction to Defensive Shooting/Home Defense             $125.00

Saturday Feb. 16 Iowa Permit to Carry (CCW)                                            $50.00

Sunday Feb. 24  Advanced Defensive Shooting 1                                         $150.00


March 2019

Sunday March 03  Iowa Permit to Carry (CCW)                                        $50.00

Sunday March 10 Advanced Defensive Shooting 1                                    $150.00

Saturday March 23 Iowa Permit to Carry (CCW)                                       $50.00

Sunday March 24   Pistol Marksmanship Course  (full)                              $100.00

Sunday March 31  Advanced Defensive Shooting 1                                   $150.00

April 2019

Sunday April 07  Introduction to Defensive Shooting/Home Defense                $125.00

Sunday April 14   Advanced Defensive Shooting 1                                         $150.00

Saturday April 27  Iowa Permit to Carry (CCW)                                             $50.00


May 2019

Saturday  May 04  Iowa Permit to Carry (CCW)                                              $50.00

Sunday May 05   Introduction to Defensive Shooting/Home Defense                $125.00

Sunday May 26   Advanced Defensive Shooting 1                                           $150.00



June 2019

Sunday June 09    Advanced Defensive Shooting 1                                        $150.00

Saturday June 22    Iowa Permit to Carry (CCW)                                           $50.00

Sunday June 23     Introduction to Defensive Shooting/Home Defense            $125.00


July 2019

Sunday July 07  Iowa Permit to Carry (CCW)                                              $50.00

Saturday July 20  Iowa Permit to Carry (CCW)                                            $50.00

Sunday July 21   Advanced Defensive Shooting 1                                        $150.00

Sunday July 28 Introduction to Defensive Shooting/Home Defense              $125.00

August 2019

September 2019

October 2019

November 2019

December 2019


Sign Up

To sign up for a scheduled class or to schedule a class on other dates which may be available contact T-M Firearms Training via;


Facebook; T-M Firearms Training page messaging

Phone; 319-371-6698





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