Do training obligations still exist with legal Constitutional Carry and Permit less Carry?

The number of states that are moving to Constitutional Carry is growing relatively quickly across the country. I believe at the time of this writing we are at 20 states with Constitutional Carry and a few more well on their way to passing. Be careful though before you go out and get strapped and carry. Some states have some restrictions. Know the law in your state. Even with the restrictions Constitutional Carry is a good thing for the 2nd Amendment and preservation of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Here I am a firm believer in the idea that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed. There are many laws on the books that still infringe on the 2nd Amendment.

The 2nd Amendment

Iowa recently passed Constitutional Carry and became the 19th state to support it. In Iowa it means there is no longer a requirement to obtain a permit to purchase or a Permit to Carry Weapons. As of July 01, 2021 a Iowa resident may carry openly or concealed in the state of Iowa without a permit. That is of course if you can legally possess and buy a firearms. Yep, those laws still apply and the NICS Background check is still required to purchase. No training required for Constitutional Carry as an Iowan in Iowa. Be aware this is the second BIG CHANGE in Iowa Carry, Use of Force, and Permit laws in three years.

Well, what happened to the Permit to Carry Weapons you ask?
The Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons in the state of Iowa is still available. Training and proof of having completed training is still a requirement when applying for a Iowa Permit to Carry. An Iowan will still need a Iowa Permit to Carry when traveling to and through other states. Constitutional Carry will not see reciprocity rules state to state. Our best advise. Get your Permit to Carry and cover your bases. It really doesn’t cost that much and still there are benefits in having one. No delays when making gun purchases, state to state travel while going armed. And, it brings a little respect to you in the fact that you went out and put in the work and made the effort to get your permit the right way.

So, now let’s have it. WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE RECKLESS UNTRAINED PEOPLE CARRYING GUNS TUCKED IN THEIR PANTS? Believe me I get it. I have been around a lot of ranges and gun shops and witnessed first hand the bad, unsafe gun handling. As a trainer, range safety officer, and teacher in the industry I have seen the folks talk about how they have been around guns all their lives and still have no idea. Some people we can not reach. As a teacher I have to face that and accept it. I do my best to encourage gun owners at all levels to seek out training and not just e-learning but actual in person classes. Find out what you do not know! What do you have to loose? Talking crap gains you nothing.
Still, I am of the mind that the government should not mandate firearms training in order for a person to be able to carry or own a gun and be allowed to have the ability to defend oneself or another. I do believe that the vast majority of gun owners are responsible and understand that going armed has great responsibility and they will seek out some form of training. A gun owner should be willing and able to accept and attend, at minimum, some basic firearms training. Silly me. I still have faith in my fellow gun owners. Every person, regardless of background, who goes armed and lives the concealed carry lifestyle is obligated by the nature of his/her daily concealed carry activities to get basic concealed carry training and proceed to the most advanced training they can afford and find.

Get the training anyway.
You buy a fire extinguisher in preparation for a fire that may never occur. You buy a gun in preparation for a defensive situation you hope never occurs.
You must have knowledge of what to do with and how to operate the fire extinguisher in order to be effective with it. You make plans for what to do in the event of a fire. Some form of training is involved.
In today’s world we plan and train for the Mass Killer Event and what to do when such an event occurs. We plan and train for the possibility of the terrorist threats. Businesses and schools have all kinds of protocols and procedures in place to deal with all kinds of incidents. They provide training to employees and students to save lives. Law Enforcement ad Military train extensively and have procedures and policies in place to give guidance during critical incidents. In many of these cases the training is part of being a employee or a student or a member of service and the employer is required by law to provide said training.
What about the private conceal carry citizen or private gun/home owner? Yes, you will have to pay for, supply, and find time for the beneficial training you are obligated to seek out to be a responsible Every Day Carrier of Defensive Weapons. We expect our law enforcement to be well trained. Why not ourselves? Is being trained not now our responsibility and obligation when we choose to go armed among the sheep who choose not to and those who can not or choose not to defend themselves. Should we not be holding ourselves to the standards of training and skill levels we hold our Law Enforcement to? As concealed carriers and gun owners we take on the responsibility of being our own first responders, responsibility for our actions, and responsibility to be as highly trained or even better trained than those who reply to the call to become Military and Law Enforcement and stand on the front line.

Over eight million new gun owners have joined the ranks in the last year and a half. New or old makes no difference. Are you being stand up and getting the training and experience not only you deserve but also that which your fellow citizens deserve? Constitutional Carry in your state or not you are expected to be see you on the range and in classes training and putting in the work for yourself and others.

A FINAL NOTE; In today’s world of unrest, de-funding police, and declining numbers of first responders, and longer response times.
“The time to learn new shit, life saving shit, is not when you are in the middle of the shit! Know your equipment and how to operate it and yourself under stress before the need is upon you! Risk is high and your abilities and knowledge will determine how you come out on the other side. There is a bigger picture you will be part of.”

Be safe, Be trained, Be prepared.